I'm Abagail...

21. Virginia. in college. Music = my life. love to chill and just have a good time. <3 blunt. outgoing. weird.
And I love to make new friends. <3

p.s Feel free to ask me anything :)

oh goodness...

I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone. - Dan Howell (via bl-ossomed)

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hip-hop dance crazes (2004-2013)

Chicken noodle soup was a freaking work out.


Rumor has it a girl snapped her neck and died hitting that lean wit it rock wit it too hard

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Anatomy of a child’s stomach.

this is also the anatomy of mine. Minus the pennies. Just make that another dessert portion

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Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light. - Madeline L’Engle  (via natural-magics)

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#wbcw goes to my fantastically amazing bf! I couldn’t possibly ask for a better man. He’s been my rock for these hard past few weeks and just means the world to me. #heisablessing #amazing #sohappy #myman #handsome #whiteboycrushwednesday

What a beautiful day! ☀️☀️☀️😁💚 #sunny #weekend #gottaenjoyit